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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recovery Road by Blake Nelson book review

After getting drunk, stealing a car and crashing it into a ditch, Maddie is sent to Spring Meadows, a rehab center, where she meets Trish and Stewart. After finishing her 28 days in rehab, she lives in a halfway house which is part of Spring Meadows, which is located on a road known as Recovery Road. Although forbidden, Maddie and Stewart begin a romantic relationship. When Maddie is released from rehab, she must adjust to life in the real world again. She and Stewart continue their relationship although they have their difficulties. Life isn't easy for Maddie outside of rehab, but she is a strong character and while she has her moments, she perseveres. Teens who enjoy realistic fiction will enjoy this book. Recommended for teens 15-18-years-old.

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