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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Children's Books

We've got some new picture books. Here are some of the ones I really like!

Follow the Line series by Laura Ljungkvist-Follow the line through school, the world and home in this fun series. In Follow the Line Through the House, the reader is invited to turn the page and explore different parts of the house. While in the kitchen, you'll explore the refrigerator. Readers are asked simple questions, such as "which foods are green?" and "what would you choose for a snack?" Readers will visit other common places in the house. In Follow the Line Around the World, readers will explore different countries and places such as Kenya, Greenland and the Sahara Desert. This interactive series will be a fun one-on-one read for preschool and elementary aged children. (JE L)

Be Quiet, Mike! by Leslie Patricelli-Mike is a monkey who has a lot of rhythm. He can't help but drum all day long on whatever surface he can find. But poor Mike only hears one thing from all the people around him: "Be quiet, Mike!" As hard as he tries, he just can't stop the rhythm. One day, as he's walking pass a music shop, he sees an ape drumming on a drum set and knows that's just what he wants. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this read-aloud and will be drumming along with Mike: "Boom Chick, Boom Chick, Zat Zoom Crash!" (JE P)

Good Night, World by Willa Perman-It's time for bed and a young child says good night to all the things that make up the universe and world. The last page introduces the reader to 16 different ways to say good night. (JE P)

Check the new bookshelf for other new books!

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