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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want to update your resume?

A quick guide to updating your resume:

1. Get rid of Objective; use Summary & write 2-3 sentences about your skills specific to the job you’re applying for.
2. Delete unrelated work experience: List only the experience related to your current application. If you have none, list jobs that most closely parallel the skills necessary for this job.
3. Don’t list personal information: It’s illegal for an employer to ask for marital status, religious preference, age, and Social Security numbers.
4. One page resume: Put in only what’s relevant to your current application.
5. Don’t include your hobbies. It’s not important to your job. Also don’t include generic terms like ‘hard worker’ or ‘dedicated’—they’re overused and mean nothing to potential employers.
6. Remove all dates from your resume. They only date you and aren’t necessary to the resume.
7. Write your resume in first person—I did...I supervised…
8. Don’t include references, and don’t use valuable page space to say references available upon request. A potential employer knows this and will ask for them if they’re interested in you.
9. Make a professional email account that includes your full name. If you have to include numbers at the end of it, that’s perfectly OK, but your very first email you created in high school isn’t going to work.
10. Don’t include current business contact information. It’s unprofessional and may just get you fired from your current job.

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