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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If You Like Culinary Mysteries

Susan        Susan Wittig Albert             Mys, LT
                  Elisabeth Bastion              LT
J                Alexander Campion           Mys
                  JoAnna Carl                      Mys, LT
                  Jill Churchill                       Mys
                  Susan Conant-Park          Mys, LT
                  Cleo Coyle                        Mys
                  Isis Crawford                     Mys, LT
                  Mary Daheim                     Mys, LT
                  Diane Mott Davidson         Mys, LT, Audio
                  Jimmie Ruth Evans             LT
                  Joanne Fluke                      Mys, LT, Audio
                  Lisa Harris (Patricia Crumb) LT
                  B.B. Haywood                      LT
                  Tamar Myers                      Mys, LT
                  Nancy Pickard                    Mys, LT
                  Virginia Rich                       Mys
                  Lou Jane Temple                Mys


                   This is a very small selection of the many cookbooks we have. If you’re looking for a particular title,             author, or style, ask at the Information Desk and we’ll be happy to find something for you. We also             have a wide selection of cookbooks in our Spanish section. If we don’t have it, we can try and get it                  from another library within the state.

                Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods you can Stop Buying and Start Making by Alana Chernila
                641.5 Che

                Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes by Giada De Laurentiis 641.594 Del

                 The Mom's Guide to Meal Makeovers: Improving the Way your Family Eats, One Meal at a Time!              by Janice Newell Bissex 641.555 Bis

                  Gale Gand's Short and Sweet Recipes: Quick Recipes with Eight Ingredients or Less by Gale Gand          641.86 Gan

                  Everyday Happy Herbivore: Over 175 Quick and Easy Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes by Lindsay      Nixon 641.563 Nix

                  Down Jersey Cooking: Celebrating our Heritage from Past to Present by Joe Colanero 641.597 Col

                 The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab 641.594 Kna

                 Ching’s Everyday Easy Chinese: More than 100 Quick and Healthy Chinese Recipes
                 by Ching-He Huang 641.595 Hua

                  Russian Cooking by Robin Howe
                 641.594 How

                Baby and Toddler Cookbook:Fresh, Homemade Foods for a Healthy Start
                By Karen Ansel 641.562 Ans

                 Vegetables by James Peterson 641.65 Pet

                  Fic- Fiction, Mys-Mystery, Audio-Audiobook, LT-
                  Large Type, S-Spanish, B-Biography NOTE:
                  There are 2 Audio sections, cassette and CD.
                  Please ask at the Information Desk to locate the
                  right one.

                  If you don’t see what you’re looking for on
                  Our shelves, please at the Information
                  Desk; we’ll try to get it for you from
                  another library.

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