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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kelly's Review: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

          Imagine tripping over a small piece of metal as you walk through the woods. On closer inspection you find that it is embedded in the forest floor. Most of us would be annoyed and perhaps grabbing at our stubbed toe, but inevitably we would walk away and likely forget about it. This scenario plays out early on in King’s novel for Roberta “Bobbi” Anderson. Bobbi can’t simply walk away. Bobbi investigates the metal and soon finds that she must unearth whatever it is. Curiosity turns to obsession, and the obsession soon rubs off on others throughout town. Strange mind reading powers start to possess the people, and they begin to manipulate small devices/electronics and change them into inventions unheard of.

          The Tommyknockers will appeal to King fans as well as fans of aliens. While I am a King fan and did enjoy the book, I would not say it was my favorite. The ending seemed quite drawn out and I felt the book would have been a bit more enticing had the altered machines had a bigger role. Perhaps what makes the book most interesting is Bobbi’s eventual realization that her obsession and complete change of self was all for something that was not nearly as wonderful as she pictured it to be. 

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