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Friday, May 16, 2014

Book Review for Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I was super drawn to the sequel to The Shining because I couldn’t wait to see what became of little Danny Torrence after the infamous events that took place at the Overlook Hotel. Dr. Sleep is largely Danny’s story, but we do get some snippets of information about what became of Wendy, Dick Hallorann, and even some of the nasty ghosts. We quickly find out that Danny’s life has been far from spectacular.

Danny has fallen into the footsteps of his father; he is an alcoholic. He can’t hold down a job and ends up being particularly haunted by events that took place during a drunken escapade and a one night stand. Luckily he starts attending AA, lands a job at a nursing home where he uses his shining abilities to help dying patients cross over, and eventually stays sober. I expected that Danny’s life would not be picture perfect considering his nightmarish childhood, but was completely surprised and fascinated about the introduction of new characters!

Abra is a young girl who begins showing signs of especially strong shining at a very young age. The True Knot is a group of ghouls who feed off of shining powers. King’s ghouls are obsessed with Abra and will do anything to get to her. Once King adds Danny into the mix as a mentor and protector things become action packed. Dr. Sleep provides a deeper understanding and back story of the shining power and has readers scared of a whole new set of creeps! It is definitely worth the read!

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