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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ironman by Chris Crutcher Book Review

Chris Crutcher may be my new favorite author. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a sports fan. I don't have a favorite sport or a favorite team. Usually I don't even know who is playing. Since Crutcher's books revolve around sports, they would normally be the last thing I'd probably pick up to read. But his books are also so much more than about sports. His books are about the characters who participate in sports and it's really the characters that I care about.

Bo Brewster has an anger problem. He is close to being expelled his senior year of high school because he doesn't see eye to eye with his English teacher and former football coach, Mr. Redmond. After his second suspension, the only way to keep from being expelled is to join the school's anger management group which is run by a Japanese cowboy, Mr. Nakatani (Mr. Nak). The anger management group consists of the worse kids in the school and Bo doesn't really believe he belongs there.

Bo is training for an Ironman triathlon,the Yukon Jack, which consists of biking, running and swimming. Despite receiving no support from his father, he works towards this goal. You can't help but root for Bo to succeed.

I would recommend this book to high school students who are reluctant readers. Young adults who enjoy sports books will also enjoy this book.

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