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Friday, August 5, 2011

Princess in Love by Meg Cabot (audiobook version) Book Review

Mia is back and she finally has a boyfriend! Unfortunately it isn't Michael but Kenny her biology lab partner. Kenny is a really nice guy, but she doesn't love Kenny. How is she supposed to break up with Kenny without hurting his feelings. And she can't tell Michael her true feelings because 1) Michael is her best friend, Lilly's older brother and 2) Michael has a girlfriend, Judith Gershner. At least Mia has a date to the cultural diversity dance. That is if Kenny ever gets around to asking her!

Not only does she have this to worry about, but finals are approaching and Mia is worried about flunking algebra. And after finals, she has to leave for Genovia where she will be officially presented as the heir to the throne. Could life be more stressful?

What's a girl to do and how does she get the boy she really loves to notice her?

Anne Hatheway narrates the third book in this series by Meg Cabot and continues to do an excellent job of bringing the book to life.

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