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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Small Business Workshops-Entrepreneur and Advertising

Entrepreneur Basics
Have a unique business idea and wonder if it will work? Want to know what will make you different from existing businesses? Have questions but don’t know where to find the answers? Bob Marino will help you with all this and more.
Topics will include:
·         Deciding on product or service
·         What to do to make your business different from existing businesses
·         Marketing strategy
·         Knowing your market and whether you should expand
·         Effective and cost conscious advertising
·         Detailed business plan
·         Explore where to get help
·         Explore where to get financing

Advertising that Works
How do you get the biggest bang for your advertising dollars? How do you reach your target audience? Bob Marino will answer these questions and more.
Topics will include:
·         Best advertising media for your business
·         Producing customer awareness
·         Educating the customer on your service or product
·         How to convince the buyer to investigate your service or product
·         Create verbal & visual images when describing your service or product
·         Understanding the various types of advertising
·         Effectiveness of online advertising
·         Customer friendly means of contacting your business
·         In-store advertising
·         How to convince the customer to do business with you

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