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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Start your own Small Business workshops

Small Business Success 5/1
Small businesses succeed because they have a detailed business & marketing plan—do you have one? What does it take to be a small business success? Bob Marino will answer these questions and more.
Topics will include:
·         Business practices that work & which are ineffective
·         Which existing businesses are at the top of their game?
·         Leaning from the mistakes of others to avoid loss of revenue & client base
·         Price competitively
·         Promotions, sales, and incentives to increase customer draw
·         Become active in the community by sponsoring athletic teams or participating in sponsored events
·         Sales, discounts, and special draw items to increase client base.

Starting your own Business 5/2
You want to start your own business but do you know why some businesses succeed and others don’t? Or what resources are available to the entrepreneur? Bob Marino does, and will help you with all this and more.
Topics will include:
·         Decide on feasibility of owning & operating a business
·         The right name for your business
·         Qualities of a successful business
·         Market your product or service
·         Investigate your competition
·         Understanding pricing, sales, and mark-up
·         Define the main reasons for business failure
·         Library resources
·         Small Business Association (856) 415-2283

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