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Monday, September 26, 2011

More New Children's Books

We've got lots of new books! Here are some more of my favorites.

Martha Doesn't Share! by Samantha Berger-Martha has a new favorite word: mine! She says it about all her things and she doesn't want to share any of them. But she soon learns that it's lonely playing with all her things by herself. A good introduction to children about sharing. (JE B)

Handa's Surprise
by Eileen Browne-Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket for her friend Akeyo. As she walks to Akeyo's village, she wonders which fruit Akeyo will like best. Both Handa and Akeyo will be surprised by the end of the story. This story will work well in story time and one-on-one. Children will have fun reading along while Handa journey's to Akeyo's village. (JE B)

Little Pig Joins the Band by David Hyde Costello-Little Pig didn't always like being little, or being called Little Pig. When his older brothers and sisters start a marchining band, he's too little to play any of the instruments. (JE C)

The Sniffles for Bear by Bonny Becker-Poor Bear is sick. He doesn't think anyone has ever been as sick as he is now. Luckily, he has Mouse to take care of him. But nothing Mouse does helps Bear feel better. (JE B)

Flora's Very Windy Day by Jeanne Birdsall-This is a beautifully illustrated book. When the wind picks up her annoying little brother Crispin and blows him away, Flora gives up her super-special heavy-duty red boots to go after him. While a dragonfly, a sparrow, the man in the moon and even the wind itself offer to take Crispin away, she decides it may be better to keep him. (JE B)

Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr-From the author of Chick Chicka Boom Boom, comes a new book about caterpillars. Ten caterpillars are on the go and children will have fun looking for them on each page. Each caterpillar is different and readers will see which each one turns into at the end of the story. (JABC Martin)

See the Children's Librarian for the exact location of these books and check out the new books display for other new great titles.

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Children's Books

We've got some new picture books. Here are some of the ones I really like!

Follow the Line series by Laura Ljungkvist-Follow the line through school, the world and home in this fun series. In Follow the Line Through the House, the reader is invited to turn the page and explore different parts of the house. While in the kitchen, you'll explore the refrigerator. Readers are asked simple questions, such as "which foods are green?" and "what would you choose for a snack?" Readers will visit other common places in the house. In Follow the Line Around the World, readers will explore different countries and places such as Kenya, Greenland and the Sahara Desert. This interactive series will be a fun one-on-one read for preschool and elementary aged children. (JE L)

Be Quiet, Mike! by Leslie Patricelli-Mike is a monkey who has a lot of rhythm. He can't help but drum all day long on whatever surface he can find. But poor Mike only hears one thing from all the people around him: "Be quiet, Mike!" As hard as he tries, he just can't stop the rhythm. One day, as he's walking pass a music shop, he sees an ape drumming on a drum set and knows that's just what he wants. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this read-aloud and will be drumming along with Mike: "Boom Chick, Boom Chick, Zat Zoom Crash!" (JE P)

Good Night, World by Willa Perman-It's time for bed and a young child says good night to all the things that make up the universe and world. The last page introduces the reader to 16 different ways to say good night. (JE P)

Check the new bookshelf for other new books!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg Book Review

Prom and Prejudice is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennett is a scholarship student at the prestigious Longbourn Academy. It is the goal for all female students at Longbourn Academy to get a prom date, preferably from the equally prestigious Pemberley Academy (the male equivalent of Longbourn). The other girls at Longbourn make life difficult for Lizzie (throwing slushies in her face, stealing her winter jacket from a party, etc). Her only friends are her roommate, Jane, and Charlotte Lucas, another scholarship student. The book opens with Jane being excited about the return of Charles Bingley, who has spent the last semester in London. Will Darcy accompanies Charles on his return to Pemberley. As in Pride and Prejudice, the relationship between Lizzie and Darcy is complicated. Darcy initially doesn't like Lizzie because she is a scholarship student and Lizzie thinks that Darcy is a snob who only cares about money. Young fans who have read Pride and Prejudice, will probably enjoy this modern retelling of the original book. The book is an easy read and readers who enjoy this book may want to add the original to their "to read" list.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School Books

Beginning school can be a scary experience for your little one. Here is a list of books that you may find helpful. Books are located in the Parent/Toddler section of the Children’s Department alphabetically by the first letter of the author’s last name unless otherwise noted. Please ask the Children’s Librarian for assistance in finding the exact location of the books.

Bourgeois, Paulette Franklin Goes to School
Franklin is nervous about the first day of school, but his teacher, Mr. Owl, knows just what to do.

Capucilli, Alyssa Biscuit Goes to School
School looks like so much fun! Biscuit wants to go to school and meet the teacher—but dogs don’t go to school! What will the teacher do when Biscuit sneaks in anyway? (J Rea 1 Cap)

Danneberg, Julie First Day Jitters
The first day of school is scary for everyone, even the teacher who is new to the school. Children may be surprised to see that even adults get nervous sometimes.

Goodman, Joan Elizabeth Bernard Goes to School
On Bernard’s first day of school, he is only interested in going home, while the rest of his family finds joy in the blocks, paints and dolls to which he pays no attention until he makes a new friend.

Harper, Jessica Place Called Kindergarten, A
Wondering why their friend Tommy has not come to the barn at his usual time, the animals become alarmed when the dog tells them that he has gone to a place called "Kindergarten."

Hest, Amy Off to School, Baby Duck
It is Baby Duck's first day of school and she is scared. She likes all the new important things in her book bag, but what if her teacher is mean or she doesn't have any fun or make any friends? Luckily, Grampa knows just what to say and do. And Baby Duck feels much braver after she meets her teacher and makes a new friend.

London, Jonathan Froggy Goes to School
Froggy is nervous about his first day of school. First, he has a nightmare about the first day of school. On the morning of the first day, he is so nervous he has trouble pouring milk on his bowl of flies. At school he must learn to keep his voice down and pay attention. And he leaves his lunch box at school. His mom says, "Oh Froggy. Will you ever learn?" He replies "That's why I'm going to school, Mom!"

McGhee, Alison Countdown to Kindergarten
Ten days before the start of kindergarten, a pre-kindergartner cannot tie her shoes by herself and fears the worst.

McQuade, Jacqueline At Preschool with Teddy Bear
It is off to school with Teddy Bear. He is excited about learning new things and meeting new friends. (ABC cube)

Pak, Soyung Sumi’s First Day of School Ever
When Sumi first arrives at school on her first day, she thinks that school is a lonely, scary, mean place. For Sumi, the first day is extra hard because she doesn’t know the same language as everyone else. But with some help from a kind teacher and the fortunate acquaintance of a friendly girl at recess, Sumi realizes that school isn’t as lonely, scary or mean as she thought.

Poydar, Nancy First Day, Hooray!
Kindergartener Ivy Green can’t wait for school to begin tomorrow, but she’s also a little worried. What if she misses her bus? How will she find her classroom? Readers will discover that not only does Ivy anticipate the first day of school, but so do her teacher, the janitor and even her principal. They are all scrambling to prepare for the first day of school.

Rockwell, Anne Welcome to Kindergarten
Tim visits his future kindergarten class and learns what he will be doing during his first year of schoool. The classroom may seem a little big at first, but after finding out about all the fun things he'll learn, it doesn't seem so big at all. In fact, maybe it's just the right size.

Rosenberry, Vera Vera's First Day of School
Vera is looking forward to her first day of school. When the day finally arrives, she is bursting with excitement, until she sees all the children in the school yard. She becomes frightened and runs home. Vera's mom walks her back to school and Vera discovers school isn't as scary as she thought and decides she will like the second day much better.

Rouillard, Wendy Barnaby Goes to School
Barnaby loves to explore. But the new challenge of the first day of school lies ahead and Barnaby isn’t sure he is ready. Soon he learns that school is the greatest adventure of all!

Scotten, Rob Splat the Cat
A nervous Splat finds his first day at Cat School much better than he expected.

Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for the first day of kindergarten. The children are introduced alphabetically as they appear. This is a fun way to learn the alphabet and also learn about the first day of school from both students' and teacher's perspective.

Thompson, Lauren Mouse’s First Day of School
Mouse hides in a child’s backpack and discovers all the fun to be had in a kindergarten classroom full of books, paints, blocks and more.

Wells, Rosemary Timothy Goes to School
Timothy is excited about the first day of school until he meets Claude. Not only is Claude the smartest and the best at everything, but he also wears all the right clothes and has all the friends. Timothy can’t stand it! But when Timothy meets Violet he learns that he’s not alone after all.(Also available in audio CD/BK 018)

Woodruff, Elvira A Dragon in My Backpack
Bumps the toy dragon helps his friend Ben deal with his first day of kindergarten apprehension in this back to school adventure. (JEPB W)