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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Children's Books at the Vineland Public Library

The Vineland Public Library is always getting new books to add to our collection. Here are a few of my favorite new books that just arrived yesterday.

A Friend for Einstein: The Smallest Stallion by Charlie Cantrell & Dr. Rachel Wagner - This is the true story of Einstein, the smallest horse ever born. He is a mini-miniature stallion born to two miniature horses. He may be small but he loves to do what all horses do: gallop, hop, graze and trot. But the other horses are all too big for him to play with. He goes out to look for the perfect friend, but all the animals he meets just aren't right for him. Will he be destined to play alone? The photographs help complement this story and readers can't help but fall in love with Einstein, the mini-miniature horse. (JE Can)

Blackout by John Rocco - Have you ever been too busy to spend quality time with your family? That's the premise of this beautifully illustrated book about a young child who wants to play with her other family members but everyone is too busy. Until the lights go out. When the house gets too stifling hot, the family climbs the steps to the roof, where there are lots of lights on in the sky. And lots of people enjoying the darkness on the rooftops and on the streets below. Sometimes you need a blackout to help you remember to slow down and enjoy what you have. (JE Roc)

Press Here by Hervé Tullet - In this fun interactive book, the author asks the reader to press the yellow dot in the middle of the page. Turn the page and the reader gets a surprise with some more instructions. As the book progresses, fun things happen to the yellow dot. Whether it's pressing the yellow dot, tapping it five times or shaking the book, young readers will have lots of fun with this book. (JE Tul - this book is located in our ABC cube)

Check out more new books on our new book display. Ask the Children's Librarian for the exact location of these books.

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